25 of Dad's Favorite Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is a great day to appreciate all the hard work the man in your life does for you and your kids. If you are like me I spend a lot of time thinking and planning for the perfect Father’s Day. Lucky for you, I did the hard work. Here is a list of ideas from real dads on their favorite Father’s Day gifts. Enjoy and you’re welcome!

Dad’s Favorite Gifts:

  • Afternoon nap
  • Notes of appreciation from family
  • Favorite dinner
  • Handmade pictures from small kids
  • Art from kids
  • Family Nerf gun battle
  • T-shirt with kids names by their hand prints
  • Letters from kids telling about things important to them
  • Kids all come home for dinner
  • BBQ grill
  • Electric razor
  • High-tech watch
  • Photo books of kids and grandkids
  • Gift card to favorite restaurant
  • Golf lesson
  • Coupon books for special deeds from kids
  • Socks
  • Very nice ties and shirts
  • TV
  • Movie
  • Hugs from kids
  • Dutch oven
  • Tools
  • Food
  • Movie passes
Remember, dads are very practical. Keep things simple, useful and meaningful and he will love it. With one or two of these ideas you will easily make this one of the best Father’s Days he has ever had.


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