3 Tips to Make Baby’s First Easter Perfect

One of the greatest joys in a new mom's life is enjoying her baby's firsts....first Easter basket, first Easter egg hunt, and first little Easter outfit. When I was pregnant I planned these little firsts in my mind so each one would be cute and special. We want to be the best moms by creating the cutest little traditions. If you are like me, despite my best efforts, when the actual event arrives I am in panic mode trying to make all my ideas reality. It's a love hate relationship with Pinterest.


1) Simplify

Simplify your plans as much as possible. If this is your baby's very first Easter he will have no clue how spectacularly awesome his Easter activities were. Basic toys in his Easter basket will come and go without him knowing the wiser. Honestly, the cute Pinterest worthy little Easter baskets are for the moms benefit more than anything. If you want really great basket ideas that keep you sane refer to our Baby's First Easter Basket Guide to select a few items you know your baby will use in the next few months. Your baby will be so much happier with a mom who is less stressed than he would be with a stressed mom who is trying to supply him with the "perfect Easter."

2) Get an Easter outfit

This is, in my opinion, the one tip that will really make the memories. There is simply nothing cuter than seeing your tiny son dressed up like a little man all ready for Easter. Dressing up for Easter Service is the easiest way to help your kids recognize how important Easter Sunday really is and what it really means. Thankfully, for little boys, making them look cute and special for Easter is very simple. There is no need to "go-all-out" with this topic because a simple new shirt and tie is all that is needed to give your son his spiffy new look. A new shirt and baby tie can be part of his Easter basket or given separately as an Easter outfit tradition.

3) Take pictures

This one is HUGE. You are going to want to look back and remember how super cute your little one was on his first Easter. My Favorite Pal can help you create the most cute and special events possible by putting your boys in adorable matching ties. What good is all that cuteness without pictures to look back on? Your baby will have no idea if he had an Easter basket, an Easter egg hunt, or an Easter outfit, unless, of course, you took a picture so he can remember it later. Remember to keep your camera or your phone on hand. Remember to put fresh batteries and a new sim card in. Then snap away at the cutest baby that was ever born. When your son looks back on pictures of himself with his huge smiles, with Easter eggs in his hands, and dressed in his brand new Easter outfits, he will not remember the specifics of those days, but he will remember that he and Easter Sunday meant an awful lot to his mama.

Remember, simplify the process. Stick with one or two ideas for any of your Easter projects. Dress your baby up for Easter Sunday in a new outfit including a new shirt and tie, and make sure you take a few pictures so you and your son will remember these traditions together. Follow these steps and your baby's first Easter will be perfect.

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