7 Items for Baby's First Easter Basket

You are coming up to your little one's first Easter, now what? The traditional Easter basket of candy and toys won't work for your little guy. Luckily, we have taken some of the best ideas out there for baby's first Easter Baskets and compiled them in a list. Here are 7 perfect items that are adorable and easy to find for your son's very first Easter basket.

1) Toy cars - You only need very basic toys here. I like to get wood ones with non-toxic paint. The important thing is your baby can play with them, smash them, bang them against each other, and yes, suck on them, with nothing to worry about. You can get them on Amazon for less than $15.

2) Stuffed animals - The more cuddly and fuzzy the better. My son loves Webkinz that he received from his Nana that are all perfectly sized for Easter baskets. You can find them on Amazon for $5-$10

3) Baby snacks - Put whatever your baby eats for his regular snacks into plastic Easter eggs. Goldfish crackers and puffs fill the eggs perfectly. Not only will he love the snacks, but he will also get a kick out of the plastic eggs themselves. You can pick these up easily at any grocery stores in the crackers and baby food sections.

4) Baby ties or bowties - These fit perfectly into your son's Easter basket and they are the perfect finishing accessory to your son's Easter outfit. Your son's first Easter basket is the best place to start Easter traditions to perpetuate for the rest of his childhood. You will look back fondly on pictures of your dressed up baby. Are you a procrastinator? No worries, baby ties and baby bow ties arrive from My Favorite Pal in just a few days for $13.99.

5) Touchy feely books or chunky board books - These are my favorite books for little ones! They are sturdy and there is something to feel on every page. Not only are you giving your son something fun to feel and look at, you are starting a positive trend of enjoying books. You can find touchy feely books on Amazon for less than $10.

6) Sandals and sunglasses - Easter is the perfect time to get your baby ready for spring and summer. A brand new pair of sandals or sunglasses will fit perfectly into his Easter basket and will help him be ready for the sunny days to come.

7) Toy Balls - These are perfect for building your little guy’s motor skills. Any store with a toy section will have toy balls. I recommend a sensory ball to begin. You can play with him by rolling it back and forth with him on the floor.


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