Best Father's Day Gifts As Told By Dads

My Favorite Pal continuously gets feedback from happy customers sharing their stories about how excited their sons are when they get to wear ties just like their daddies. Repeated is the story of thrilled little boys holding up their ties and asking anyone who will pay attention, "do you notice anything matching with me and my daddy?" My personal favorite story is the son who brings out his selected tie for the day to show his dad saying, "Dad, we are wearing this one today, okay?" The difference between My Favorite Pal matching ties and regular Father's Day ties is that My Favorite Pal ties get pulled out over and over again by excited sons who want to dress up like their dads.

Normally, My Favorite Pal blogs are written by moms who know the ins-and-outs of getting their families ready for special occasions to help other moms. This list of best Father's Day gifts ever is from real dads who were asked the question, "off the top of your head, what was your favorite Father's Day gift you ever received?" Rather than simply asking what dads want for Father's Day we are giving moms ideas of what is most meaningful and memorable to dads from previous Father's Days. To reduce redundancy we filtered out the comments on matching ties and have those featured on Facebook and their own blog posts.

Here are some of their answers in their own words:

Sterling B.

Really nice ties. Oh, you are doing ties on a different blog post? A really nice shirt then. Not one of those shirts I would buy, you know, for myself.....a really nice shirt.

T. Willis

For Father's Day, I have asked my kids to write me letters telling me anything they want to tell me about. I now have 27 years' worth of letters from my kids telling me about things that were important to them.

LaMont S.

My kids made me a T-shirt with their hand prints stamped all over the front of it.

George F.

My kids all come home for dinner on Father's Day. They usually get me gifts for Father's Day but I am mostly excited everyone is there.

Kyle H.

BBQ grill, definitely. I also liked the electric razor and would love to get a high tech watch.

P. Dover

Snapfish books of pictures of my kids and grandkids. I have them going back for several years now. I really enjoy them. Close behind the books have been all the tools I have received and the special gas tanks for my boat and wave runner.

Paul G.

Gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings

Matt T.

The best gift I ever received was a candy bar poster that my wife and son made. It came with another paper that had questions that my son answered such as: How old is your daddy? What does your daddy do for fun? I love my daddy because……, My daddy is strong because……. It was never the gifts that cost money that I enjoyed most. It was the ones with thought behind them.

Brent D.

Last year my girls got my dad and I Nerf guns. When we woke up, there was a note next to the gun saying that they had guns too, and that the war started "at this moment." It is a great memory for me and my kids to have (especially with their grandpa) and it started a game we have played many times since.

Doug K.

Father's Day afternoon nap.

Dan C.

A homemade paper wallet stuffed with notes of appreciation from my family.

Chase L.

Home made pictures and art from my kids.

Bill W.

Letters of appreciation from Kids and Wife. On the gift side I usually just buy what I need, when I need to use it. The letters are things that you keep and are hard to come by.

Troy C.

My favorite was last year my wife and kids got me a golf lesson at a Marriott resort. When my kids were younger they made me coupon books… You know the ones that say free hug for dad, and you get to control the TV for the evening... That kind of stuff.

Tim S.

Socks. I'm usually short on those. Basically anything I am too cheap to just go and buy for myself.

Alex K.

I really like nice ties and shirts......stuff to dress professionally.

Paul R.

I got a TV, a movie, and a hug from my kids.

Jeff C.

I'm going to go with a Dutch oven. I'm addicted to them.

Kent M.

Tools, food, movie passes, coupon for mowing the lawn. More tools and food.

Jamin R.

An incredible family tie. Although a grill was a close second. Another great "gift" on father's day is just being able to relax with the family.

These ideas were gathered to give moms and kids the inside scoop into what really means a lot to dad. In all of your planning, remember, dad will be much happier about his Father's Day with a low stressed, happy wife and kids who are more concerned about relaxing and enjoying themselves with him than he will be with a highly stressed family because they are focused on creating a "perfect" Father's Day.

This inside scoop list of ideas is a great start. Feel free to help us gather some more favorite Father's Day gifts by putting them in the comments section below.


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