Cool Ties You Need To Add To Your Collection

What ties are in style in 2023? Cool Ties are certainly in style this 2023. And you know why? Because this year is all about living to the fullest and living large. 

And this is why from your hair, clothes, and accessories you have to show out. It's time to spice up and add some color to your life and outfit. 

So when you put on that shirt and take your time to attend to every single button, remember to add a splash of color and uniqueness. Here are some cool Ties to add to your collection that are bound to spice it up; 

  1. Green and Multicolor Plaid 

If you're trying to play it safe, or keep it business casual but with some pizzazz, then this tie was made for you. It is made with a plaid design like most regular ties but with a bold combo of colors. 

It features colors like green, blue, yellow, orange, and red. This tie is bound to take any dull outfit from a 1 to a sizzling 10. 

You can get this tie as a bow tie and it comes in a variety of sizes. 

  1. Grey, Pink, And Purple Stripe 

You can never go wrong with a striped cool tie. They are perfect for any type of fit and occasion. Now instead of an old white and black stripe, it's time for a blend of not two but three eye-opening colors. 

Grey is a subtle color that plays up the brightness of purple and pink but still keeps the combo from being too colorful. 

So if you need a break from the old boring black and white stripes this tie is definitely for you. 

  1. Orange Paisley 

This cool tie is three words; bright, beautiful, and bold. This is certainly not a tie for the weak of heart, because this tie is bound to cause all eyes to be on you the moment you step into the room. 

The theme for this year is to add spice to everything you do and this tie is one sure way to spice up an outfit. You can get it as a necktie or bowtie to suit your style. 

This tie may be bright but it still remains elegant and classy. And this is why it'll be perfect for your next event. 

  1. Orange with White Stripes

Adding another orange cool tie to the list because why not? If you'd prefer your orange tie a little more subtle then this orange with White Stripes tie is perfect for you. 

The best part of this tie is it still gives off bold, beautiful and bright but with a hint of subtlety. So you can feel like you are doing enough but not too much. 

This tie is a great match for those who are just starting to experiment with colors and would like to start easy. 

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