Easter Outfits for the Whole Family

I love Easter! My favorite part of Easter might surprise you, but to my true kindred spirits, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. New outfits! If this isn't your favorite part, just copy these ideas with the links provided, and you'll look like a fashion goddess. Getting great ideas is the whole point of the internet anyway, isn't it? At least it is to me.

I love Easter outfits with the whole family in synchronized, glorious darling Easter goodness. Not that it has to matchy-match; but it should look amazing together. You should use one piece (in this case I use bow ties - so stylin' right now) to pull the whole family together.

I shop at all the basic stores, so all of this will be easy to find (if you catch it before it sells out- so get online quick, you fashion goddess- Go!!) If it's already sold out online, hit your local store and I'm sure it will be there. With these big chain stores, it's hard to not find the exact piece you're looking for (have the sales person call other stores around if necessary, you'll find it, so don't give up!).

Bow ties are a must this spring; you can get these at one of my favorite places to shop online, My Favorite Pal. You can use them to pull all your outfits together for weddings, holidays, church, etc. Bookmark this site, you'll love it. In this case, I pulled the purple from the Grey Pink & Purple Striped bow tie, and paired it with purple girls' dresses from Justice for Girls. They also have these darling pink dresses from Children's Place if you choose to pull from the pink in the bow tie. Pair it with the grey vests for the boys (another Spring must) from Children's Place, complete with matching pants, and jackets (also from Children's Place), and then top it all off with the perfect little cherry - match daddy and son ties and bow ties. (Thank you My Favorite Pal) It brings the entire family together to perfection. Of course, don't forget to purchase Mom's chunky Easter necklace - so yummy!!

Trust me, for Easter, fashion will become your new favorite part too. All the other Moms will wonder how you "do it all", and your Easter pictures will look amazing. Also, I use my Easter outfits all through the summer months too. If you want to change it up, just get different bow ties and jewelry. So get shopping Easter Fashion goddess - you've got this!!


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