Easy Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys

When you get an invitation to a baby shower, there’s always that moment of anxiety: what to do for a gift?
Sure, there’s a baby gift registry, but the fun, cute gifts get snatched up pretty quickly (doting family members are the best!). That’s great, but it still leaves you empty-handed for the shower.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Have no fear: there are still thoughtful and practical gifts available. Now, if the expecting couple did NOT find out the gender, there’s always the very practical gift of diapers and wipes. If Aunt Becky is in charge of this shower, there’s going to be an amazing newborn diaper cake, so buy bigger sizes – just to be safe.

What if the family did find out the gender? Thankfully, most announcements use color and big letters to make the gender pretty clear. Save time (and future embarrassment!) by double checking that invite!

Finding a Thoughtful, Unique Baby Gift for a Boy

Clothes are always a great baby shower gift idea: they’re cute, practical, and going to be used. What kind of clothes should you buy? Do you go for something cute or practical? Do you buy something that is sentimental or for special occasions? What size do you get? You could get massively stressed out by all of the options!

Let’s make this easier: what kind of outfit do you hardly ever see at a baby shower? What kind of clothes can make any guy, no matter his age, look amazing? That’s right: dress clothes.

Every guy is going to need dress clothes at some point, right? Start your little gentleman out right: besides, how cute will he look in a little dress shirt and tie? Even better, go for some bonus points and get baby and daddy matching ties. (Yes, it’s okay to “awww!”)

Baby Dress Clothes for Church or Special Events

There are a lot of stores you can go to to buy dress clothes: this gift could easily require a lot of time, careful searching, and driving several stores. After all, most stores carry a limited supply of baby dress clothes. Even then, trying to find perfectly matching ties is more likely to end with a headache than a full shopping bag.

Let’s go back to the idea of making life easier: save time, stress, and gas money by shopping online. My Favorite Pal specializes in baby dress clothes – and matching ties for daddy and son. Yeah, life just got a whole lot easier.

Now you can pick out a baby dress shirt, ties for baby and daddy, and you’re on your way. Did we talk about how much time and stress you’ve just saved? Yes, life is good. Now you still need to find a cute gift bag, but that’s a whole different story.


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