Groomsmen Wedding & Bow Ties

At My Favorite Pal you can find Elegant and Stylish Ties and Bowties for Grooms and Groomsmen!
Make the moment memorable by getting Groomsmen Ties for the entire group and for any size.
Shop fashionable ties for everyone!
If you are planning on attending an upcoming wedding, you know that this is a BIG day! 
Not only is it a big day for the happy couple but also for those handsome Groomsmen! Their 'boy' is about to be married to the love of his life and they want to be there to support him. 
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Having the right tie can go a long way in making this day a hit!
Here are a few key things to keep in mind when searching for Groomsmen Wedding & Bow Ties. 

Find The Right Colors

With any wedding, the event planner or the wedding planner will know which colors are going to match with the style.
You want to find Ties that align with those colors. 
At My Favorite Pal there is a wide range of tie colors and styles that look great for weddings! Here are a few....
To name a few. 
If you want to see the full collection of Groomsmen Wedding Ties just click Here!
Blue with Purple Square Bow Tie. Bow Tie large and small in all sizes and shapes. Groomsmen bow tie. Bow tie for grooms and groomsmen.

Find Ties That Fit Any Size.

For some Groomsmen the Adult Large Tie might not be the right fit. 
Sometimes you may have a groomsmen that needs a smaller or even a bigger size tie. For those Groomsmen that might still be in diapers or for the extremely tall Groomsmen you might need something a little different. 
At My Favorite Pal you can find Ties that fit any size!
Now, you can shop the huge selection of Groomsmen Wedding Ties and find the size that fits. 
We carry sizes for infants and sizes in Adult XL for those extreme cases.
Here are all of the sizes we carry.
Adult XL: 65"
Adult: 59"
Adult Zipper: 21"
8-11 years zipper: 17"
4-7 years zipper: 14"
2-3 years zipper: 12"
9 months to 2 years zipper: 10"
Newborn to 9 months zipper: 7.5"
Adult Bow Tie: 5"
Child Bow Tie: 3.5"
If you want to take a look at us on Pinterest for More ideas you can as well!
Having the right tie is super important whether it is for the groom himself or for the Groomsmen!

Every Aspect Counts

Sometimes there are times when tying a tie just isn't an option. Whether there is a Groomsmen who just broke his arm, or even if he is going through a medical emergency, you need to have an easy solution. 
You may want to consider an Adult large Zipper Tie to make things easier.
These can come in handy and can make it much easier to slip on and off in case it's needed. 
Keep it cool and check out the My Favorite Pal collection today. 
For questions about My Favorite Pal or to request specific information about ties or sizes let us know at



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