How To Style Your Suits With Fun Ties

There's no better way to pull off a suit than with a fantastic inner shirt and a matching fun tie. Now, the key to putting all these together is "styling". 

Without properly styling your suits there is no way they would look as fabulous as you would want. 

But so many factors go into proper styling, colors, patterns, and much more. This is why this article is here to help you properly style your suits and ties, without further ado, let's get into it; 

Styling Your Suit With Fun Ties 

Style your suit with Fun Neckties

Complementary Colors 

Styling with complementary Colors can sometimes be a tricky thing. But the key is to remember to pair warm and cool colors. Although these colors may be contrasting, they still complement each other. 

This is why a gray plaid suit will pair perfectly with an orange fun tie like the orange with orange stripe. If the orange is too dramatic for you, another cool and fun tie would be the Red power tie

Red or orange are two cool colors that pair greatly with the warm gray color of the plaid suit. 

Pattern Mixing 

Style Your Suit with the Right Tie and Necktie Selection

To effectively mix patterns in a suit and a fun tie, you can mix two patterns that are of the same style but have different proportions. Simply put, if you're wearing a suit with small stripes, pair it with a tie with bigger, longer stripes. The Navy w/ White Stripe fun tie is an example of a tie with bigger and longer stripes. 

The Turquoise & Grey Stripe fun tie is another great that matches perfectly with a small striped suit. 

Another way to pattern mix is to choose two completely different patterns. So if you had a pinstriped suit, a flannel fun tie like Checkered Aurora - Flannel Style or the Checkered Flannel Fun Tie. Or you can go with a Black and Grey Pebble Fun Tie 

Color Scheme Matching 

If you don't want to leave your comfort zone or are uncomfortable with making your tie and suit combo erratic. Then mixing suits and ties within the same color scheme is a great way to pair them effectively. 

Mixing within the same color scheme involves mixing two colors that are similar to each other. For example light blue and dark blue, or red and light pink. 

The Floral Navy fun tie is best matched with a suit in the same color scheme. This could be a suit that is light blue, cobalt, or azure. 

Another fun tie to pair with a suit in the same color scheme is the Turquoise Pincheck fun tie. Because turquoise is a color with a wide color scheme, blue or green suits can be paired with this tie. 

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