Make Sunday Special

Sunday is a special day. It’s a day to rest, go to church, and spend time with family. It’s also the one day each week where we are all guaranteed to be dressed up!

Remember the Reason

As parents, we try to make sure that our kids look cute on a daily basis, but on Sundays we make to extra effort to dress them smartly. This is the one day a week where the three year old boy can’t choose to wear a superhero cape and mask – at least not until we’re home from church.

Sunday is the day that we all dress up for church (and we may even get to put on some makeup or try a new ‘do). Of course, we aren’t trying to teach our children how to look good; we’re trying to teach them a far more important lesson. We’re trying to teach them that dressing up for church is a great way to remember the importance of Sunday services. Yes, we’re going to teach our children that we’ll be loved no matter what we wear to church, but that dressing up shows our devotion, love, and respect for deity.

Dressing our Best

As much as we don’t want to admit it out loud, we also want to make sure that our family looks good on Sundays. This is the one day where clothes will match, hair will be brushed, and shoelaces will be tied. While others in the congregation probably aren’t going to be judging our parental or personal skills based on how our kids are dressed, we’re still secretly afraid that they are. Totally unrelated gasps suddenly become a horrified judgment being passed on our appearance as a family.

Whew. Let’s take a deep breath and collect ourselves, shall we? Let’s face it: all of the other families are probably dealing with that same, deep, dark, fear. Nobody wants their family to be known as that family. Our family is dressed (how did he sneak that cape past us?) and at church – that’s the important thing.

Learning as a Child: Start with Baby Church Clothes

Proverbs 22:6 teaches that we are to “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Yeah, that means we’d better start teaching our kids how to dress sooner, rather than later.

Does that mean that we need to dress our baby boy in a tuxedo? Well, maybe not a tux, but there are some really cute baby boy dress clothes out there. They can be found in stores, online, or hand-me-downs. Online retailers, such as My Favorite Pal, make dressing up our boys easy and stress-free. They have dress clothes or ties for boys of all ages. They even have a dress shirt onesie for the baby!

Now that we’re all dressed up and at church, the next question is: how long will the toddler keep his clothes clean? That will depend entirely on what snacks the nursery has today…

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