Matching Father and Son Dress Shirts

Finding Matching Dress shirts in the right sizes can be difficult. 

I found this out when we went to at least 5 different kids stores and couldn't find matching Father and Son Dress Shirts. We just couldn't find Dress shirts that were small enough or that matched with their dad.

So, we decided to get them ourselves!

My Favorite Pal now has Matching Father and Son Dress Shirts in all sizes for any aged boy. 

You can shop in sizes all the way from New born baby up to 3T.

Our Dress shirts are perfect for different types of fun family events. Some people use them to go to Weddings, Church services, or even Social family or friend events. 

What is the perfect Dress Shirt For Boys?

The first thing to think about when shopping for a dress shirt to match with Dad is to pick out a size that fits!

Having the right size can make a big difference with how comfortable your little guy is.  

If they are small enough, they are probably going to want some type of Dress Shirt Onesie so that it can be tucked in. 

My Favorite Pal has Dress Onesies that are able to stretch so that your little guy is always comfortable and feeling good in his dress Shirt to match with Dad.

Father and Son Matching Dress Shirts, Dress Onesie for boys

To add comfort to the onesies, they are able to stretch and they also come in Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve

This makes it even better for your little guy for whatever type of event you have planned. 




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