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Having the right tie for the big day is important! Not only for the couple to be but also for those who are going to be attending the big event! We have floral ties and many other different styles of ties that are perfect for a wedding and event. Some colors include purple, navy blue, magenta, violet, and yellow to name a few. You can browse various wedding ties HERE.

Blue and Purple Floral Tie

The main thing to remember about any event is that it should match the style of the couple being married. Having an elegant design that matches your preferred colors should be the main goal so you need to have a nice selection of ties that would work with your event.


 For any event, having it be personalized to you is key! So if you are the one choosing the colors then you will also want to choose the ties that are going to be worn. 

At my wedding Marrisa was the one who chose the colors.  She knew exactly what colors to get and how to create a masterpiece at our reception. I also let her choose what I would wear since she knows a little more about that sort of thing than I do.

Floral Ties For The Perfect Season

Depending on when you have your wedding Floral Ties are great since weddings usually have some form of flowers already. This makes having floral ties super easy to match things with and they are very decorative. 

I remember our colors were Peach, Burnt Orange, and Navy Blue. Although your colors might be different, My Favorite Pal provides many colors like purple, navy blue, orange and more for you to choose the best for your wedding or the one you are planning.

If you want to check out more Tie Designs that are perfect for a wedding you can look at the main designs at My Favorite Pal. The ties are all designed so that you can make sure everyone is matching at your event. 

Ties For Every Size

These are the sizes we hold

Adult XL: 65"

Adult: 59"

Adult Zipper: 21"

8-11 years zipper: 17"

4-7 years zipper: 14"

2-3 years zipper: 12"

9 months to 2 years zipper: 10"

Newborn to 9 months zipper: 7.5"

Adult Bow Tie: 5"

Child Bow Tie: 3.5"

Whether you are trying to dress up a baby, toddler, teenager or extra large adult, we have ties that will fit.

Now you can have a better fit for the perfect event!


If you have any questions about our services or any clothing let us know and we would love to answer your questions.


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